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Electrical Hot Tapping Machine


Electrical Hot Tapping Machine

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Electrical Hot Tapping Machine

Introduction :
hot tapping machine is designed for making entries into the pipelines under pressure 
* hot tapping machine is used to provide a branch off pipeline from existing main pipe 
* suit for Carbon Steel Pipe, Ductile Iron Pipe, Cast Iron Pipe, Plastic Pipe, AC pipe and etc 
* suit for water, oil, gas, heat lines with the operation pressure within 2.5 Mpa 

Advantages :
* No disruption to the system operation 
* Removable motor, easy handling 
* Explosion Proof Motor for pipeline with flammable medium such as crude oil, natural gas 
* this machine in good sealing with the gasket of interface between the main spindle and driving spindle

Technical Specification :
Model HT200                     
Hot Tapping Range DN50,80,100,150, 200mm
Working Pressure PN10, 16, 25 bar
Stroke 400mm
Spindle Speed 40 r/min
Rated Power 1.5 Kw
Rated Voltage 220V
Feeding Volume 0.07-0.2 mm/r
Hot Tapping Time 15-30 min

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