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Anqing Great Wall Pipeline Co.,Ltd is the professional chinese supplier of equipment and pipe fittings for hot tapping, plugging, leaking pipe repair and joint of pipelines .The range of our products including Hot Tapping and Line Stop Series, Repair Clamps Series and Coupling Series .
          Hot Tapping and Line Stop is the most popular technical method used for isolating a section of pipeline for repairs or additions without interruption of service and the range of our hot tapping and line stop products including Hydraulic Hot Tapping Machine, Electrical Hot Tapping Machine, Hydraulic Plugging Machine, Completion Machine, Split Frame Pipe Cutting Machine, Manual / Hydraulic Sandwich Valve, 3-way/ 4-way Stopple Fitting, Plugging Head, Sealing Elements, Hot Tapping Cutter, Plugging Cutter, Hydraulic Power Unit which are in conformity with the standard GB/T 28055-2011 Technical Standard for Hot Tapping and Plugging on Steel Pipe and the other related standards  
       Repair Clamps Series including Stainless Steel Repair Clamps, Carbon Steel Repair Clamps, Ductile Iron Repair Clamps, UPVC Repair Clamps for water supply pipeline with WRAS approved. 
       Also we supply Plidco Type Bolt-On Split Sleeves and Weld-On Type-B Welding Sleeves for High Pressure oil and gas lines with pressure up to 3000 psi
       Coupling Series including Ductile Iron Coupling, Ductile Iron Flange Adaptor, Restraint Coupling, Restraint Flange Adaptor which is in conformity with the standard ISO2531, BS EN545, EN598, ASTM A536.
       Our products are exported to many countries including USA, UK, Australia, South Africa, Indonesia, Tailand, Chile, Peru, Trinidad and Tobago and etc
       We are the the economical and reliable chinese approach to the companies all around the world in oil and gas industry beside the world leaders such as TDW, STATS GROP, PLIDCO.
       Welcome to cooperate with us .

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