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Hydraulic Hot Tapping Machine


Hydraulic Hot Tapping Machine

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Hydraulic Hot Tapping Machine


1.High Pressure Hydraulic Hot Tapping Machine is designed to making connections to pipelines or tanks without service shutdown or interruptions .
2.It's widely used for pipeline emergency repair, attach branch connection, pipeline reconstruction and etc
3.The machine is suit for flammable, explosive Crude Oil, Natural Gas, LNG, Chemical, Coal Gas, Urban Water Supply, Heat Supply Pipeline Hot Tap and Line Stop.  

Technical Parameter:
Model AHT0616 AHT1436
Hot Tap Range 6''-16'' (for branch connection) 14''-56'' (for branch connection)
Line Stop Range 6''-14'' (for bypass) 14''-36'' (for bypass)
Working Pressure 1.6Mpa, 4.0Mpa, 10.0Mpa 1.6Mpa, 4.0Mpa, 10.0Mpa
Max Stroke 1600 mm 2200 mm
Feed Mode Manual/Automatic/Fast Manual/Automatic/Fast
Feed Volume 4 mm/r (Manual) 4 mm/r (Manual)
0.096 mm/r (Automatic) 0.096 mm/r (Automatic)
4mm/r (Fast)  4mm/r (Fast) 
Rated Torque 3550 Nm 7100 Nm/9100 Nm(Max Torque)
Reduction Ratio i 5.1 5.1
Dimenison  700x950x2950 mm 800x1225x4175 mm
Weight 900 Kgs 1575 Kgs

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